Catalogue List

Number Reference

100° C/Sunk Washers
100° S/Steel Sheet Screw
100° Washers
156 Aeroquip Fittings
300 Stratoflex Fittings
491 Aeroquip Fittings
676 Stratoflex Fittings
730 DC Solvent
732 Silastic RTV Sealant
736 Silastic RTV Sealant
1 x 19 Cable Control Wire
1/2 BSF British Bolts
1/4 BSF British Bolts
1/4 Turn Airloc Reference
12 Point Bolts
2024T3 Alclad
2024T3 Aluminium
2BA British Bolts
3/8 BSF British Bolts
3003 Aluminium
4 & 6BA British Bolts
4002 Grommets
4130N Flat Sheet
4130N Seamless Tube
4130N Steel Chrome Moly
5/16 BSF British Bolts
7 x 19 Cable Control Wire
7 x 7 Cable Control Wire
7/16 BSF British Bolts
AC240 Sealant
Acid Proof Black Paint
Acorn Nuts
Acrylic Cleaner
ACS Check Valve
ACS Gascolators
ACS One Way Valve
Adel Clamps
Adhesives & Glues
AE102 Fire Sleeving
Aeroquip Sleeving Clamps
Aeroquip Fittings 156
Aeroquip Fittings 491
Aeroquip Hose & Fittings
Aeroquip Hose specifications
Aeroshell Oils
Aerosol Spray Paints
AGS Bolts
AGS English Hardware
AGS Hydraulic Fittings
Air Filters
Air Hose
Air Line Connectors
Air Manifold Blocks
Air Ministry Parts
Air Speed Indicators
Air Vents
Airbourne Air Filters
Aircraft Identification Plates
Airframe Nuts
Airframe Parts
Airloc Pins
Airloc Receptacle & Pins
Airloc Reference Chart
Airloc Stud Fasteners
Alclad Sheet 2024T3
All Metal Floating Nut Plates
Alodine Alumin. Preparation
Alternator Gaskets
Alumin. Dull Lacquer Paint
Aluminium Angle 2024T3
Aluminium Bolts
Aluminium Crush Washers
Aluminium Flanges, Ducting
Aluminium Flat Sheet 2024T
Aluminium Hinge
Aluminium Inspect, Covers
Aluminium Paste
Aluminium Pulleys
Aluminium Sealing Washers
Aluminium Tube/Bar/Sheet
Aluminium Tubing 3003-0
Aluminium Tubing 5052-0
Aluminium Washers
AMP Battery Terminals
AN3 Bolts
AN4 Bolts Hex Head Bolt
AN5 Bolts Hex Head Bolt
AN6 Bolts Hex Head Bolt
AN7 Bolts Hex Head Bolt
AN8 Bolts Hex Head Bolt
AN9   Bolts Hex Head Bolt
AN10 Bolts Hex Head Bolt
AN12 Bolts Hex Head Bolt
AN14 Bolts Hex Head Bolt
AN18 Bolts Hex Head Bolt
AN23 Clevis Bolts
AN24 Clevis Bolts
AN25 Clevis Bolts
AN26 Clevis Bolts
AN100 Thimbles
AN111 Bobbins
AN115 Shackles
AN130 3 Piece Kits
AN135 3 Piece Kits
AN140 3 Piece Kits
AN155 Turnbuckles
AN161 Fork Ends
AN210 Pulleys
AN227 Press Studs
AN231 Drain Grommets
AN256 Anchor Nuts
AN310 Castle Nut
AN315 Full Hex Nut
AN316 Thin Hex Nut
AN320 Castle Nut
AN363 Heat Nut
AN364 Lock Nut
AN365 Lock Nut
AN366 Anchor Nut
AN367 Anchor Nut
AN380 Cotter Pins
AN386 Taper Pins
AN415 Safety Pin
AN416 Safety Pin
AN426 Rivets
AN470 Rivets
AN481 Clevis Fork
AN486 Threaded Clevis Fork
AN490 P/Rod Threaded Ends
AN500 Fillister Screw
AN501 Fillister Screws
AN502 Fillister Screws
AN503 Fillister Screws
AN525 Screws
AN526 Screws
AN530 Screw
AN535 Drive Screws
AN565 Set Screw
AN665 Thread Clevis Tie Rod
AN714 Tube Clamps Steel
AN735 Loop clamp Alum
AN737 Metal Clamps
AN741 Tube Clamps Steel
AN742 D Clamp Aluminium
AN775 Banjo Fluid Bolt
AN776 Banjo Union 90° M
AN778 Banjo Union 45° M
AN780 Nipple Union
AN900 C A Gaskets
AN931 Elastic Grommets
AN960 Steel & Aluminium
AN970 Penny Washers
AN975 Taper Pin Washer
AN Bolts
AN Bulkhead Fittings
AN Clamps
AN Elbow Fittings
AN Elbow Straight 45°
AN Elbow Straight 90°
AN Fittings
AN Fittings Alumin & Steel
AN Flanges
AN Hose Tails
AN Joiners Straight
AN Reference Part No Chart
AN Screw, Steel/Stainless
AN Six Digits Bolts
Anchor Nuts
Anti-Static Wicks
Ashless Dispersant Oil
Ashless Dispersant/additive
B Nuts Cable Ends
Baffle Material
Baffle Rubber & Hardware
Baffle Seal
Ball Race Bearings
Band-It Clamps
Battery Electrolytes
Battery Terminal Covers
Battery Trolley Plugs
Bearing Ctrl Pulley Wheels
Bearings Ball Joint
Bearings Bell Crank
Bearings Crank
Bearings Fafnir
Bearings KP Series
Bearings REP Series Female
Bearings REP Series Male
Bearings Timken Tapper
Bellcrank Bearing
Birch Plywood
Bleeder Screws
Blind Riveters
Body Washers
Bolt Gauge
Bolts American
Bolts Clevis
Bolts UK 2, 4 & 6BA
Boots & Covers
Bowden Cable Clamps
Bracket Gascolator
Brake Disc Pad Liners
Brake Lining
Brake Relining Tools
Brake Rivets
Brass Brads
Brass Instrument Nuts
Brass Washers
British Bolts
Brushes, Wire
Bucking Bars
Bulkhead Fittings
Bulkhead Rubber Grommets
Burnishing Tool
Bushing AN Fitting
Bushing Cable
Bushing Rubber Fuel
Butt Crimp Terminals
Butyrate Dope
Butyrate Dope Non-Tautening
C A Washers
Cabin Vents
Cable “B” Nuts
Cable & Wire Tools
Cable Bushing (Bobbin)
Cable Electrical
Cable End “B” Nuts
Cable End Fitting
Cable End Nuts
Cable Fairleads
Cable Shackles
Cable Swagger
Cable Thimbles
Cable Thimbles, Sleeves
Camloc 2600 Series
Camloc 2600 Wing Studs
Camloc 2700 Series
Camloc 4002 Series
Camloc Fasteners 2600 Series
Camloc Fasteners 2700 Series
Camloc Fasteners 4002 Series
Camloc Fasteners for Cessna
Camloc Gauge
Camloc Grommets
Camloc Installation Tools
Camloc Measuring Tool
Camloc Pliers
Camloc Receptacles
Camloc Retainers
Cannon Plug
Cannon Plug Pliers
Canvass Studs & Fasteners
Cap AN Fittings
Cap Head Machine Screw
Cap Plugs Plastic
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carby Air Box Gaskets
Castellated Nuts
CCR-32 Cherry Rivets
CD Series Threaded Plugs
Ceconite Bias Tapes
Ceconite Reinforcing Tape
Ceconite Tapes
Cessna Camloc Kits
Cessna Replacement Parts
Cessna Seat Rail Screw Set
Champion Spark Plugs
Cherrymax Grip Gauge
Cherry Aerospace Rivets
Cherry Max Rivets
Cherry® Riveters
Cherry® Rivets
Cherry® Textron
Cherrymax® Rivets
Chromate Aerosol Paint
Chrome Moly Steel 4130N
CHT Indicators
Circle Cutter
Circuit Breakers
Clamps, Band-It
Clamps, Sheet Metal
Clamps, Speed
Cleco Clamp
Cleco Fasteners
Cleco Pliers
Cleco Sheet Holders
Cleveland Brakes 500 x 5
Cleveland Brakes 600 x 6
Cleveland Wheel & Brakes
Clevis Bolts AN
Clevis Pins AN
Clip Nuts
Close Tolerance AN Bolts
Cockpit Lamps
Collars Dzus
Compass Fluid
Compass Repair Kit
Compasses (UK) English P8
Compasses South/Hemi
Continental Engine Gaskets
Control Cable
Control Pulleys
Copper Gaskets Copper Safety Wire
Copper Sealing Rings
Copper Tubing
Corner Anchor Nuts
Corrosion Inhibitor
Cotter Pin Brass, Steel & Stainless
Countersunk Screws
Coupling AN Fitting
Coupling Reducers Male-Female
Coverings Ceconite
Cowling Safety Pin
Crimp Electrical Terminal
Crimp Terminals Ring Type
Crosses AN Fitting
Crush Washers CA
C-Squeezer Yokes
Cylinder Base Lock Nuts
Cylinder Base Wrenches
Cylinder Bore Gauge
DC4 Silicone Grease
Decal Hamilton Standard
Detector Carbon Monoxide
Die & Squeezer Set Dimple Dies
Die Set 2, 4, & 6BA
Die Set 6, 8, 10-32
Differential Pressure Gauge
Dimpled Anchor Nuts
Dimpling Pliers
Dis-simular Mat, Compound
Distance Tube Steel, Alumin
Dolly, Sheet Metal
Dopes Nitrate & Butyrate
Dopes Randolph
Double Shank Ball Ends
Dow Corning ®
Drain Grommets (For Fabric)
Drain Valves Fuel
Drain Valves Oil
Drill Bits, HSSS Long
Drill Bits, HSSS Standard
Drill Gauges
Drilled Head Screws USA
Drilling Equipment
Ducting Scat Tubing
Duplicating/Transfer Punch
Dust Covers
Dust Covers Plastic
Dust Plugs Female
Dust Plugs Male
Dynon Heated Pitot Head
Dzus Collars
Dzus Fasteners & Collars
Dzus Full Grommets
Dzus Half Grommets
Dzus Screwdriver
Dzus Springs
Dzus Springs
Dzus Studs
DZUS® S Type Springs
Earth Straps
Elbows AN Fitting
Electrical Circuit Breakers
Electrical Terminal Crimp
Electrical Terminal Ring
Electrical Wire
Electrolyte (Battery Acid)
Engine Equipment
Engine Exhaust Nuts
Engine Gipsy Major Parts
Engine Mount Bushings
Engine Oils
Engine Push Rod Fittings
English Hardware
Exhaust Gaskets
Exhaust Nuts
Exhaust Stud & Nut Rotax
External Power Receptacle
External Thread Rod Ends
Exchange English Compasses
Extruded Hinge
Eye Bolts
Fabric Cement
Fabric Self Tappers Screws
Fabric Tools
Fafnir Bearings
Fairleads Nylon
Falcon Instruments
Female Rod Ends
Fillister Screw
Finishing Washers
Fire Sleeving
Fire Sleeving Clamps
Flange Ducting Aluminium Flanges
Flanges Aluminium, Ducting
Flaring Tools
Flat Sheet Aluminium
Flat Sheet Steel 4130N
Flexible Scat Tubing
Flight Tyres & Tubes
Flush Straight Snap
Fly Cutter
Flying Control Cable
Flying Control Fittings
Flying Wire
Flying Wire Control Ends
Folded Hinge
Fork End Fittings
Fuel & Oil Drain Valves
Fuel Anchor Nuts
Fuel Fittings AN
Fuel & Oil Hose H6000
Fuel Line Aluminium 3003
Fuel Line Aluminium 5052
Fuel line Rubber
Fuel Misc. Parts
Fuel O-Rings
Fuel Qty Transmitter
Fuel Shut Off Valve
Fuel Tank Sealing Nut Plates
Fuel Tank Weld in Flanges
Fuel Tester Containers
Fuel Warning Sensor
Galvanising Flying Cable
Gascolator Firewall Flange.
Gascolator Mount Bracket
Gaskets Engine
Gauge Camloc Measuring
Gauge Cherrymax Grip
Gel Foam Ear Pad Headsets
Gill Batteries
Gill Batteries Ref Chart
Gimp Pins
Gipsy Major Parts
Globes (Bulbs)
Glue Wood
Grommet Edging Nylon
Grommets Camloc
Grommets Drain
Grommets Rubber
Ground Power Plugs
H6000 Fuel Hose
Half Grommets Dzus
Hamilton Standard Decal
Hand Squeezers
Headphone Gel-Foams
Headphone Radio Jacks
Headset Plugs
Heat Shrink Butt Splices
Heavy Weight Ceconite
Heim Bearings
High Speed Straight Drills
High Tensile Bolts English
High Tensile Bolts USA
High Ten, Brass Lead Ends
Hi-Loc ® Stud & Collars
Hinge Aluminium
Hole Cutter
Hole Duplicators
Hole Finders
Hole Gauges
Hole Saw
Hole Finders
Hose Assembling Tools
Hose Clamps
Hose Fitting AN
Hose specifications (Ref)
Hydraulic AN Fittings
Hydraulic Fluid Royco 756
Hydraulic Hose Fitting Tools
Hydraulic O-Rings
Identification Makers Plates
Ignition Plugs & Accessories
Imperial Drill Gauges
Imperial Flaring Tool
Inserts Rivnut
Inserts Snap Lock
Inspection Covers
Inspection Plates
Inspection Rings
Instrument Lord Mounts
Instrument Mounting Nuts
Instrument Nuts
Instrument Screws
Instruments Analogue (WW2)
Insulator Washer Radio
Intake Gaskets
Intake Hoses
Internal Threaded Rod Ends
Jam Nuts
K&N Air Filters
Key Ignition Switch Plate
Klixon Circuit Breakers
KP Series Bearings
KP Series Bearings
KPA Series Bearings L
Lamps Identify/Description
Lamps Position
Landing Lamps Sealed Beam)
Lead End H/Tension Brass
Letter Drill Bits
Light Weight Ceconite Tape
Lock Nuts Fibre English
Lock Nuts Nylon USA
Lock Tab Washers
Lock Wire Stainless & Inconel
Long Drill Bits
Long Series Drill Bits
Lord Mounts
Low Pressure Valve Cores
Low Profile Nyloc Nuts
Lubriplate 630-AA
Lycoming Gaskets
Lycoming Grey Aerosol Paint
Machine Screw S/Steel
Machine Screw Steel
Magneto Gaskets
Male Rod Ends
Mandrel Fitting Tools
Manifold Airline Blocks
Matco 4, 5 & 6″ Brake Ref.
Matco Brake Assy’s Ref.
Microphone Jacks
Micro-stop Countersink
MIL-C-5056 Fluid
MIL-C-5541C Alodine
MIL-H Fuel Line
Mini Nuts
Miniature Anchor Nuts
Miniature Globes (Lamps)
Mounts Lord
MS Hardware
MS15001 Grease Nipple
MS16562 Roll Pins
MS20073 Engine Bolts
MS20074 Engine Bolts
MS20426 Rivets
MS20470 Rivets
MS21150 Bearings Rod Ends
MS21151 Bearings Rod Ends
MS21152 Bearings Rod Ends
MS21153 Bearings Rod Ends
MS21207 Screws
MS21250 Bolts
MS21919 Clamps
MS24665 Split Pins
MS24693 Machine Screw
MS24693 Screws
MS24694 Screws
MS27039 P/Head Structural Screw
MS27039 Screws
MS35190 Screws
MS35206 Cap Head Screw
MS35206 Screws
MS35207 Cap Head Screw
MS35207 Screws
MS35214 Screws
MS35215 Screws
MS35275 Screws
MS35285 Fillister Screws
MS35333 Washers
MS35335 Washers
MS51861 Screws
MS51958 Screws
NAS 391 Washers
NAS 397 Speedy Clamp
NAS 514 Screws
NAS 517 Screws
NAS 548 Screws
NAS 549 Washers
NAS Bolts
NAS Hardware
NAS1096 Hex Head Bolts
NAS1097 Rivets
NAS1202 Screws
NAS1203 Screws
NAS1204 Screws
NAS1205 Screws
NAS1329 Rivnut
NAS1330 Rivnut
Navigation Lamps
Navigation Lamps Grimes
Nibbler Sheet Metal
Nicopress & Crimps
Nicopress Sleeves
Nipple AF Fitting
Nitrate Dope
Nitrate Thinners
No-Blo Gaskets
Non-Structural Hinge
Notching Pliers
Number Drill Bits
Number Drill Gauges
Nut Burst Pressures
Nut Plates (Anchor)
Nuts Axle
Nuts Brass
Nuts Bubble Lock
Nuts Castellated
Nuts Clip-nuts
Nuts Clips
Nuts Engine
Nuts Exhaust
Nuts Heatproof
Nuts Hydraulic
Nuts Instrument
Nuts Jam
Nuts Manifold
Nuts Mini, Steel
Nuts Nyloc
Nuts Pal
Nuts Plain
Nuts Self Lock
Nuts Shear
Nuts Tinnerman
Nuts Wing
Nuts Acorn
Nuts Anchor
Nylon Castle Nuts
Nylon Washer
O Rings
Off Set Rivet Snaps
Oil Drain Valves
Oil Engine Shell-Aero
Oil Filter Media Cutter
Oil Filters Champion
Oil Filters Spin On
Oil Filters Tempest
Oil pump Gaskets
Oil Seal Continental
Oil Seal Lycoming
One Lug Anchor Nut
Oval Machine Screws
Oversize Shank Rivets
Packing O Ring Paint & Gluing Brushes
Paint Strainer
Pal Nuts
Pan Head Screws
Panel Clip Nuts
Panel Jacks
Panel Lamps
Parker Super-Flex Fuel Hose
PD Series Threaded Plugs
Perspex Cleaner
Phenix Hydraulic Fittings
Phenolic Pulleys
Phenolic Washers
Phillips Head Hex Bolts
Pin Eye Fitting
Pinked Ceconite Tapes
Pins clevis
Pins Safety
Pins Split-Steel & Stainless
Pipe Clamps
Pipe Plain Clamps
Pipe Saddle
Pitot Tube
Plastic Dust Covers
Plastic Snap Vents
Plastic Threaded Covers
Plate Nut
Plexiglas Cleaner
Plexiglas Drill Bits
Pliers Camloc
Pliobond Adhesive Cement
Plug AN Fitting
Plug Ground Power
Plywood Spruce & Birch
Pneumatic Air Filters
Pocket Thermometer
Poly Flow Pipe & Fittings
Poly Rivets (Fabric Pop Rivet)
Polyester Thread & Cord
Poly-Fibre Rivets
Primer Paint Aerosol
Prop Bolt
Prop Cones
Prop Governor Gaskets
PT6 100 hr Inspection Kit
Push Rod Fittings
Push Rod Fork End Fittings
Push Rod Threaded End Fittings
Quick Release Pins
Radio Headset Plugs
Radio Panel Jacks
Radius Gauges
Randolph Aluminium Paste
Receptacles Camloc
Receptacles Southco # 82
Red Baffle Seal
Red Silicone Rubber
Reduced Hex Nuts
Reducer AN Fitting
Ref. Close Tolerance Bolts
Remove Before Flight Flags
Repair Kit Compass
Replacement Bulb
Replacement Lamps
Retainer Springs Rivet Gun
Retainers Camloc
Rib Lacing cord
Ring Terminals Crimp
Ring Type Crimp Terminals
Rivet Gauge
Rivet Guns
Rivet Puller
Rivet Sets
Rivet Shaver
Rivet Snaps
Rivet Spacing Tool
Rivet Squeezer
Rivet Squeezer Dies
Rivet Squeezer Yokes
Riveters Blind
Riveting Equipment
Rivets Brake Relining
Rivets Solid-A, AD, D, DD.
Rivnut Inserts
Rivnut Tool
Rocker Box Gaskets
Rocker Hat Gaskets
Rocker Hat Screws
Rod End Bearings Female
Rod End Bearings Male
Rod Ends (Push Rods)
Roll Pins
Rotax Engine Parts
Rotax Instruments
Rotax Oil Filter
Roto-Flare Flaring Tool
RTV732 MIL-A-461056
Rubber Grommets
Run in Oil
Safety Wire
Safety Wire Twisters
Safety Pliers
Scat Tubing
Screws Cap Head
Screws Cheese Head
Screws Fillister
Screws Fine Thread USA
Screws Fully Threaded USA
Screws Mushroom Head
Screws Truss Head
Screws with Grip Length
Scriber Hand
Sealed Beam Lamps
Sealing Aluminium Rings
Seam Cement
Seat Belts
Seat Rail Cessna
Seat Rail screw Kit Cessna
Secondary Control Pulley
Self-Aligning Bearings
Sewing Needles
Sewing Thread
Shear Bolt NAS62 Series
Sheet Metal Aluminium
Sheet Metal Fasteners
Sheet Metal Steel 4130N
Sheet Metal Steel Aluminium
Sheet Metal Tools
Shell Aero Oils
Shielded & Unshielded Wire
Shielded Wire
Shock Chord Undercarriage
Shook Boots
Side Grip Clamps Cleco
Silicone Baffle Seal
Silicone Gaskets Rocker Hat
Silicone Hose
Silicone Rocker Box Gaskets
Simmons Lock Nuts English
Sleeve AN Fittings
Slip Indicator
Snap Bush Grommets
Snap Ring Pliers
Snap Studs Upholstery
Solid Rivets A, AD, D & DD
Southco Fasteners
Southco Fasteners Reference
Southco Studs
Spacers Steel, Aluminium
Spark Plug Champion
Spark Plug Gaskets
Spark Plugs Tempest
Spark Plug Thread Chaser
Speed Clamps
Split Nuts
Split Pins Steel & S/Steel
Sports Plus 4 Oil
Spring Washers
Springs Dzus
Squeezer Dimple Die Sets
Squeezer Yokes
Stainless Body Washers
Stainless Steel AN Bolts
Stainless Steel Camloc’s
Stainless Steel Flying Cable
Stainless Steel Screws
Stainless Steel Washers
Standard Lock Nuts USA
Static Wicks
Steel Bolts English
Steel Bolts USA
Steel Clevis Bolts
Steel Washers
Step Drills
Stereo Radio Jacks
Straight Cut Ceconite Tapes
Strap Duplicators
Stratoflex Hose & Fittings
Stratoflex Hydraulic Fittings
Structural Hinge
Strut Coupler
Strut Rebuild Kits
Strut Servicing Kit
Strut Valves
Strut Valves
Stud Dzus
Stud Southco
Suction Gauges
Super Seam Cement
Swagged Ball Ends
Swagged Stud Ends
Switch Air Speed
Switch Guards
Switches Electrical
Tap & Die UK & USA
Tap Set 2, 4, & 6BA
Tap Set 6, 8, 10-32
Tapper Pins
Tapered Roller Bearings
Tee’s AN Fitting
Tempest Spark Plugs
Temperature Senders
Terminal Electrical Crimp
Thimbles Oval/Stop Sleeves
Thin Check Nut
Thread Compound
Thread Tape
Threaded Clevis Fork R/Ends
Threaded Clevis Tie Rods
Threaded Dust plugs Plastic
Threaded Fork Ends Female
Threaded Fork Ends Male
Threaded Tapper Pins
Throttle Quadrant
Timken Bearings
Tinnerman Type NAS446
Tinnerman Washers
Tinted Dope
Torque Seal
Torque Setting Reference
Truss Head S/S Sheet Screw
Truss Head Screws
Tube Copper
Tube Washers Steel
Tubing Steel & Aluminium
Turn & Bank Indicators
Turn Barrel 3 Pc Kits
Turn barrels
Two Lug Anchor Nut
Tyre Applica Reference Chart
Tyres & Tubes
Undercarriage Strut Servicing Kit
Unions AN Fitting
Unshielded Wire
Vacuum Gauge
Vacuum Pump Gaskets
Valve Caps
Valve Caps Tyre
Valve Cores
Valve Tappet Gauge
Valve-Tyre High/Low Press
Vents Cabin
Vertical Speed Indicators
VSI Indicators
Vuplex Cleaner
Washer Aluminium
Washer Brass
Washer Camloc
Washer Copper
Washer Crush
Washer Cuttle Steel
Washer Fibre
Washer Nylon
Washer Shake proof
Washer Split
Washer Split Southco
Washer Steel
Washer Tinnerman
Washer Fibre
Washer Finishing
Washer Lock
Washer Tapper Pin
Washer, Spring
Washer, Stainless Steel
Water Temp Gauge
Water Temp Senders
Welding Aluminium Flanges
Welding Flanges Aluminium
Weldwood Glue
Wheel Bearings
Wicks Static
Wing & Tail Lamps
Wing Nuts
Wire Crimpers
Wire Electrical
Wire Twister
Wood Glue
Wood Spruce Ply
Worm Drive Hose Clamps
Wrench Hi-loc
Y Tube Aluminium
Yokes Control
Yokes Rivet Squeezer



2BA British Bolts (BA = British Association Thread)

Our Part#      Bolt Diameter        Grip Length
2A/25/01C          3/16”                  1th of an inch
2A/25/02C          3/16”                  2ths of an inch
2A/25/03C          3/16”                  3ths of an inch
2A/25/04C          3/16”                  4ths of an inch
2A/25/05C          3/16”                  5ths of an inch
2A/25/06C          3/16”                  6ths of an inch
2A/25/07C          3/16”                  7ths of an inch
2A/25/08C          3/16”                  8ths of an inch
2A/25/09C          3/16”                  9ths of an inch
2A/25/10C          3/16”                  One inch
2A/25/11C          3/16”                  1.1 inches
2A/25/12C          3/16”                  1.2 inches
2A/25/13C          3/16”                  1.3 inches
2A/25/14C          3/16”                  1.4 inches
2A/25/15C          3/16”                  1.5 inches
2A/25/16C          3/16”                  1.6 inches
2A/25/17C          3/16”                  1.7 inches
2A/25/18C          3/16”                  1.8 inches
2A/25/19C          3/16”                  1.9 inches
2A/25/20C          3/16”                  2 inches
2A/25/21C          3/16”                  2.1 inches
2A/25/22C          3/16”                  2.2 inches
2A/25/23C          3/16”                  2.3 inches
2A/25/24C          3/16”                  2.4 inches
2A/25/25C          3/16”                  2.5 inches
2A/25/30C          3/16”                  3.0 inches
2A/25/35C          3/16”                  3.5 inches
2A/25/50C          3/16”                  5.0 inches

All measurements are in Imperial



1/4″ BSF British Bolts (BSF = British Standard Fine Thread)

Our Part Number Bolt Diameter Grip Length
2A/25/02E                     1/4”                 .200
2A/25/03E                     1/4”                 .300
2A/25/04E                     1/4”                 .400
2Al25/05E                      1/4”                 .500
2A/25/06E                     1/4”                  .600
2A/25/07E                     1/4”                  .700
2A/25/08E                     1/4”                  .800
2A/25/11E                     1/4”                1.100
2A/25/12E                     1/4”                1.200
2A/25/13E                     1/4”                1.300
2A/25/14E                     1/4”                1.400
2A/25/16E                     1/4”                1.600
2A/25/17E                     1/4”                1.700
2A/25/18E                     1/4”                1.800
2A/25/19E                     1/4”                1.900
2A/25/20E                     1/4”                2.000
2A/25/21E                     1/4”                2.100
2A/25/23E                     1/4”                2.300
2A/25/24E                     1/4”                2.400
2A/25/25E                     1/4”                2.500
2A/25/26E                     1/4”                2.600
2A/25/27E                     1/4”                2.700
2A/25/28E                     1/4”                2.800
2A/25/29E                     1/4”                2.900
2A/25/30E                     1/4”                3.000
2A/25/31E                     1/4”                3.100
2A/25/34E                     1/4”                3.400
2A/25/36E                     1/4”                3.600
2A/25/39E                     1/4”                3.900
2A/25/40E                     1/4”                4.000
2A/25/42E                     1/4”                4.200
2A/25/49E                     1/4”                4.900

• Carried on shelf

All measurements are in Imperial