About Us

Our mission is to provide first class service and the ability to supply off the shelf, whilst providing traceability as required.
We recognize that YOU are the most important asset we will ever have!

ASAP Aircraft Spares is an official Distributor of Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.


What we wish to bring to the Aviation Industry and Enthusiasts apart from the finest of service is you only have to purchase the quantity you need not the standard packaging size, plus there is no minimum or maximum invoice values.
Building the Beaufort Australian built aircraft to fly; we thoroughly understand this industry problem.

Products carried on shelf and in store:
Quantity is not a problem,
Rivets sold by the Ounce Pound or Kilo weight.
Cherry rivets sold individually or by the packet.
Sheet Aluminum 2024, 5052, 3003 & 4130N sold by the square foot.
Aluminum and Steel Tubing and Bar in stock.

Yes! We stock British & American Hardware.
Yes! We have Piano Hinge, Fire Sleeve, Cleco pins, Camloc’s, Dzus & Pulley Assemblies.
Yes! We have Cherry Rivets, Monel Rivets and Aluminium rivets
Yes! We have Gypsy Major Engine Consumables, Gaskets & “O” Rings.

English Compasses: P4, P6, P8, O2A, O2B & the Auster P12 Upside down type.
Aircraft Instruments: (Analogue) English & American from World War II., Including the latest digital.
Bucking Bars: Rivet Snaps, Rivet Squeezers, Offset Snaps & Dimpling Bits.
English Electrical: Parts & assemblies from WW II to the 1970’s.
Gimp Pin: For wooden aircraft (Brass Brads).
Hydraulic Fittings: Both English (AGS) & American (NS).
American Hardware: AN Bolts 10-32-1/2 up to 6” Length, MS, NAS, SPS, & ESNA.
English Hardware: BA, BSF, AGS. Taper & Split Pins, Eye Bolts, Clevis Bolts.
Specializing in World War II aircraft parts we also maintain an extensive library of related IPB Manuals.

We will work with your Cartage, Delivery Service, Postal Service or Overnight Transport Specialists.

We guarantee to every customer:
* Parts fast at the right price.
* Excellent old fashioned customer service

We are also stock Boeing Products.